Are you frustrated by all the conflicting health claims out there?

You recommended “superfood X” to a client or a friend recently. He/she is now brandishing an article from a hugely popular health/wellness site titled “AVOID this so-called superfood X that will make you age faster!”

What now?

Do you feel that you can’t keep up with information on hot topics?

Searches for the term “probiotics” has risen 400% in the last decade. (Google Trends)

Just in the official scientific literature, 333 papers on probiotics were published during the 1990s, 5567 from 2000 ­ 2010, and 5950 in the last 5 years only.

What do you answer when a someone ask “Which probiotic should I buy?” How confident will you feel when you answer?

 Do you wish you could read about health and wellness in a place that is free of commercial influence?

Let’s face it! Most of the information of health and wellness come from general media. Studies show how ineffective and generally inaccurate they are in correctly reporting health information, let alone providing context. This is not surprising since articles are often times written by lay people without 1) deep knowledge of health and wellness and 2) constantly pressed for time.

Speaking of time, yours is precious. You have a life to live. If you want straight and honest take on health and wellness matters, that may give you a chance at living better, you’ve come to the right place.

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