Health Coaching Hack 5 — Coconut Oil

The hack


Coconut oil is a fat known to accelerate the melting of visceral belly fat.  Remember the absence of visible belly fat does NOT mean absence of visceral fat. The fat stored in the visceral abdomen is known to be much more inflammatory than any other.  The long term adverse health effects are numerous and well documented. So, it is important for your clients to be made aware of this coconut oil benefit. Seeking Enlightenment and Awakening with a sick belly won’t get one far out in the inner stratosphere for very long.

Furthermore, consuming between 15-30g of coconut oil every day boost the basal metabolism by 5%. I may seem like nothing to write home about, but every bit counts over time. For someone with a BMR at 2000 calories, this is a boost of 100 calories, or the equivalent of a pound of fat every month or so. You can satisfy your  curiosity about what is your BMR and calorie requirements here.

But there is more to the coconut oil story. Basically, it appears coconut oil and others medium chain triglycerides (MCT) decrease appetite and food intake more so than long chain triglycerides (LCT) fats.


Bottom Line: Adding coconut oil can be a small alimentary tweak that punch a good amount of health and wellness benefits.

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