Weekly Quiz: The surprising 2nd prescription

In this quiz, we reinforce the “Food is Medicine” concept with an example that could become part of the standard of care.

A 31 year old Caucasian woman discuss her treatment optionsĀ  with her new neurologist. She was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis 3 years ago. For her, a usual flare-up can last a week, and consist of weakness, fatigue and muscle stiffness in both arms. She suffered her last attack 3 months ago and is very eager to delay another one as much as possible.

While performing the physical exam, the neurologist surprises her by asking detailed questions about her diet. Perplexed, she nonetheless answers him.

The neurologist then write 2 prescriptions.
But doctor, I only take Aubagio. (her usual medication to protect against nerve damage) Don’t tell me I need another drug! You said it yourself that I was doing great!

The neurologist smiled warmly: “Look at the other prescription.

The address on the 2nd prescription was one of a known food market.

What did the doctor write on the 2nd prescription?

Answer will be posted Friday at 17:00h EST

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