In This Quiet Morning

Emerging from sleep, my senses gently call for my attention. Touch whispers the story of the warmth of our bodies, the softness of the sheets. Auditioning the birds’ morning songs through the open window, I feel the steady rythm of your respiration.

In This Quiet Morning inside

You are asleep. I open my eyes and very slowly move, as if turning like we naturally do in our sleep. I want to watch over you, see you in this state where the ego is temporarily dead, and peace is deep and true.

From the corners of my eyes, I can appreciate the sun is slowly rising in a clear blue sky, promising a glorious day.

Something far more glorious is right in the center of field of vision; the sight of you, my Beloved. Your hair cascades freely on your pillow, cupping your face.

I stay still, yet relaxed and let my breath finds its own cadence. I want Time to stop now.

Alas, I can only stop this moment by imprinting it in my memory, which will do what memory does; reshape, modify details, embellishing some while obliterating others.

It’s OK because what shall stay immutable are these feelings of warmth, tenderness, and vulnerability I am experiencing in the moment. I gently cuddle you in my arms; as i want to cuddle and heal your harms.

My heart is so tender, vulnerable and open to you, all of you.

I love you!

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