True Nature Meditation


Select an object: flower, a piece of paper, an orange or person and examine carefully. As you direct your attention to this object, hold the question in mind, โ€œWhat is this?โ€ Notice all the talk and associations that arise in your mind in response to this question. Keep looking in thinking deeply into this object. If your mind wanders off to unrelated things, note the distraction and return again to the object and the question what is this let the many dimensions of this reality be revealed to you.

Joel & Michelle Levey, Mindfulness, Meditation and Mind Fitness p.130

My eagerness to try this True Nature Meditation practice grows as I read this passage. What can be more powerful than focusing while letting free associations of intuition, knowledge and heartfelt connections emerge from the Self?

This raw, spontaneous non-scripted verbalization of the practice is a first for me. I decided there was no “perfect” time to start doing this. Therefore, if not now…when? ๐Ÿ˜€

I will post more of these to share as I gain more experience and practice.


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