Birth of a Twin Flame Love

I was emotional and spiritually broken

Shame, self sabotage and illness had you broken

My heart whispered “Listen!”

Your heart assuaged your fears: “Talk…it’s safe!”

We both accepted what our hearts sayeth.


I gave you space to rest in comfort and heal

You gave me back my meaning as a healer

As I listened, I understood

“There is no love possible without understanding” said Thay

The more I understood, the more my heart was healing


A healed heart can love again

With love came radical acceptance

I embraced the whole you

The Fears, the Dark, the Dirty

The Courage the Light, the Beautiful


After much working through resistances

Your honesty, courage and generosity ended self-defiance

You believed my embrace, the total acceptance.

Distances of every kind were abolished

For in true love, distances dissolve.

For we can kiss our feelings

Warmly hug our thoughts

Undress our spirits

Make love to our emotions

Touch and melt the walls around our hearts

with the reverential touch

the sacredness of our beings deserve.


And at last, physical distance vanished

We experienced exponentionally greater closeness

A pure power of intimacy, of No Fear.

Propelled us to unfathomable depths of Love

To fly toward the Sun of our Passion

To the planet of our Purpose

The continent of our Life Work

We are now truly Alive







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