Reflecting on Two Powerful Words

The root of opportunity is port, meaning the entryway by water into a city or place of business. In earlier days, when the tide and winds were right and the port opened, it allowed entry to do commerce, to visit, or to invade and conquer. But only those who recognized the opening could take advantage of the open port, or opportunity.

Hall, Kevin (2009-12-16). Aspire: Discovering Your Purpose Through the Power of Words.

The root meaning of intimacy is “no fear”.

Do we take the time to watch the tide, feel the winds; and when there is an opening, sail to the port where another resides?

When do we give ourselves the permission to hop on board of our heart, and voyage where there could be no fear?

When was the last time we did our soul-work, so that we are ready to undertake the voyage ?

Yesterday? Last week? A year ago?

Why so long? Is there fear to fear? Fear to feel vulnerable?

What is the hold up?

Isn’t the prospect of being wrapped in a blanket of acceptance and love not enough to do the soul-work?

Isn’t the occasion to wrap another in a blanket of acceptance and love, healing enough?

 After all, the math is simple:



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