Why I Started Health of the Matter

It’s not everyday I am offered a great opportunity to reflect [1]Furthermore, after writing exactly 100 posts, it is as good a time as any to step back and reflect upon the road traveled so far. and think deeply about who I am, what I stand for and why I started this site. The opportunity came under the guise of 5 questions sent to me by a very successful internet entrepreneur. These are my answers.

* Who are you at the core and what do you stand for?

At the core, I am a compassionate person who sincerely care about people and the environment. This compassion is the driver behind my “Namasté Word”, the expression defining what I do best: Health Guide and Teacher.

I can talk and teach about health at every level and angle for hours on end. My passion is to help people with anything health-related, understand their concerns, give them the tools to make good decisions, to guide them in finding the answers they need.

How strong is this impulse? I interrupted writing this post (I’m on a tight deadline BTW!) for 45 minutes because a Facebook friend had a health-related question that generated much discussion, a lot of noise with few useful signals. I felt compelled to step in and help. Yes! I could’ve been more “disciplined”, say I was busy doing something important like this post, which is crucial and means a lot.

Well…low and behold, I followed my heart, took the time and I feel great about freely providing this service without expecting anything in return.

* What are you building? (your mission/business/cause)

My mission is to teach that health is integral to everything we do. Our actions have an impact on the cells we are made of, up to the planet we live on. The food choices we make, our mindset, our daily routines, whether we write a journal or not, move daily or not, all these seemingly small actions impact the balance of our inner and outer environment at many levels.

The business born of this mission is a member-only Facebook community, (Health Of The Matter) a website with a content-rich blog, a knowledge repository, as well as consulting services to wellness professionals who cater to individuals and corporations. With my partner, I plan to offer webinars, digital publications (eBooks) as well as workshops in the next 12 to 24 months.

* Who specifically are you trying to help?

Persons who struggle with health and healthy choices; those who, confused by the tsunami of information deprived of context the news media throw at us, search for straight up honest answers. In a world where health has become a “commodity” so many people witness dishonest advocacy, excessive mercantilism and click bait as a business model instead of reasonable, data-driven, and actionable information so essential to preserving the only real wealth we have.

* Why is this mission important to you?

I need to align who I am at the core with what I do in my daily life. In other words, I don’t want to do a job, but my Life’s Work. The basic tenet of compassion (seeing others as “Just Like Me!”) has always resonated deeply with me. As an example among many, I was barely a pre-teen during the Watts riots in LA. Hearing comments about “these people who don’t know their place” invariably triggered the same thoughts, the same questions: “They’re men and women. They have brothers, sisters, cousins, just like me! Wouldn’t I feel compelled do what they’re doing if I walked in their shoes?”

I want my Work to be in sync with the compassion I feel. Every day, in everything I do. This is not merely important to me; it is vital.

* How do you intend to give back to the world?

I’ve become convinced we will not make it as a species if we do not make compassion a central human value permeating our economies, legal systems and culture. From land grabs, over-fishing, climate change, social isolation, ostracism toward the poor and those suffering from mental illness (which is on the rise BTW!) the lack of compassion is brutal. Meanwhile, Eastern traditions are getting scientific confirmations that practicing compassion toward self, others and the Universe has a slew of proven health benefits.

I want to use any windfall in excess of business operating expenses and investment, plus my living needs, to create or fund existing Schools of Compassion. There are already very encouraging experiments yielding excellent results with children. This movement I want to support, both during my business career and as a legacy.

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1. Furthermore, after writing exactly 100 posts, it is as good a time as any to step back and reflect upon the road traveled so far.