Hi! I’m Dr. Francois Théberge – once physician, now health coach consultant and blogger. My passion for helping my fellow health coaches be the best professionals they can be, emerged while training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2013. It only grew stronger over time, to the point of morphing from a potential job to become my Life’s Work.

Here is what I can do for you:

Provide actionable information: I sort through the onslaught of health and wellness news and extract useful and practical knowledge that will help you better serve your clients.

Give you the tools you need: I will help you integrate health sciences to your daily practice in the Art of health coaching. Provide the paintbrushes, chisels, hammers palettes and tools that allow YOU to practice your craft with more precision and intelligence. These tools include weekly quizzes, with in-depth answer with discussion between members, as well as case studies you won’t find anywhere else. In the near future podcasts and webinars will be added up to the service.

Provide guidance with difficult cases: You’ve given your very best but this client appears hopelessly stuck. Client is anxious, frustrated…and so are you. YOU start to feel stuck, yet you want to help. I bet this sounds familiar. Can you SEE this client right now in your mind-eye? If you answered ”Yes!”, you know what I’m talking about.

What if you could’ve consult with a fellow health coach acting as a knowledgeable sounding board, in total confidentiality?

You can now get this kind of help through the Rapid Consult Service. I offer flexible ways for you to get the support you need, be it via PM in my Subscribers Only Facebook page, email, phone or Skype.

My Accomplishments

I have 8 years of medical school training and residency, as well as 1 year of holistic nutrition training. I was approached by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) to act as an administrator and moderator for the class of January 2013. I have been at it since February 2013 and still going strong. This is a group where more than 650 health and wellness coaches come regularly to exchange, discuss and learn. I am proud of having helped several of my colleagues learn and grow as professionals. Helping others grow as professionals and as persons is what I love to do above all.

My Core Strengths

  1. Love of learning: From Buddhism teachings to statistical methods in clinical trials and everything in between.
  2. Mindfulness
  3. Empathy
  4. Connect the dots: A by-product of my love of learning and curiosity
  5. Courage

Random Factoids About Me


Wiley in his play pen

Blackie is pensive...

Blackie is pensive…










  • I am the proud member of a flock of 4 cockatiels (Belle, Cinnamon, Wiley and Blackie)
  • My music list during a workout is the most varied on the planet; from Demi Novato and Lindsey Sterling to Lamb of God and Disturbed.
  • Member of Medicine and Meditation group
  • I seriously considered turning chess pro.
  • I collect bushcraft and survival knives
  • I want to go live in Costa Rica for a year…or two…or…
  • Skipping my daily meditation or yoga makes me a zombi.
  • Speaking of yoga, practicing Kripalu Yoga cured a debilitating hip tendinitis.
  • No more post workout muscle soreness since taking a 50F degrees shower for 10 minutes.
  • I am allergic to pizza: if I see one, I got to eat it! (ALL of it!)


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